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About Holopress Holland

Founded in 1989 in response to the growing requirement to take document security to the next stage, Holopress Holland has gained a position on the market as an independent consultant and supplier of security features, based on holographic technology. Through its network of specialised manufacturers, Holopress Holland can provide tailor made solutions for each individual project, including Overt, Covert and Forensic elements that will successfully combat the increase in document fraud.

  • Passports


    Creativity is allowing new technology to be deployed
  • ID cards

    ID Cards

    ID cards, a personal document that you are happy to show
  • Poststamps


    Poststamps more than a
    collector's item
  • Holographic Overlays
  • Solutions

    • layers

      Holographic Overlays

      Holographic foils, patches or hotstamp holograms with “registered” or “continuous” designs. Protect your ID-documents with state-of-the-art holographic security & durability.

    • assignment_ind

      Security Documents

      Safeguard paper- and card-based ID-cards, driver licences, passports, public transport cards and all other high-value ID’s against fraud.

    • fingerprint


      Integrate security features ranging from simple-but-effective “fine-line structures” to holographic security based on nano-technology.

    • supervisor_account


      From design to final product; we support your holographic project. In addition we support artwork design services and application advice to enable effective order processing.

Security Features

When designing an effective document security device, there are many issues to consider. Holopress Holland helps you assess your needs and develop a solution that best achieves your goals.

  • Image
    Level 1


    Features easy to check with the naked eye, including images, lines or text, enabling an effective verification.

  • Image
    Level 2


    Invisible to the naked eye, covert features require the use of a simple tool— magnifying glass, UV light, IR light, or laser pen— to be verified.

  • Image
    Level 3


    Can be verified by authorised forensic specialists utilising feature tailored laboratory equipment

Our Process

Holopress Holland can guide you through the process of the creation of holographic security.

  • description


    The process starts with an analysis of the security level that is required, followed by a design study including the selected security elements for the document

  • build


    In this design study Overt, Covert and Forensic elements can be added. When the design is completed, the manufacturing process can start, which includes the proofing stage, after which the production can be started.

  • flight_takeoff


    When the production is completed, the holographic security product can be supplied to the manufacturer of the documents for implementation during the final production of the document.

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